Friday, August 9, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

am rely nagging about how to make a dollar from a blog but the problem is i don`t know how to monetize my blog fast enough as i just started this blog i know you don`t give a dam about how i win but that is just a start in this blog about cars soon enough i`ll have more pages and more useful info .

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013

car manufacturing has allot of different parts involved so the engine would be the most important part of any car ,it is like your good heart it is that way and sadly in the Arab nation there is no manufacturing companies for cars ,and i decided to make a try in the manufacturing process ,just to take a chance in manufacturing ,cars ,engines are made from compost material like iron ,aluminum ,steel,titanium,and carbon ,but why we choose to make this material in a composet matter because the engine attain heat and fume 

cars cars everybody need a car and every body loves a sports car,you must know that a dream of having your 1st car was a big fantasy goal to you and  most of the guys wants a sports car ,but where can i get a car if i have no money ,the answer is your mother blessing or your ego control takes place and you look for a part time job ,owning a cool car to go out with your friends to the mall and of course having a license is a must ,you don`t want to get busted, a car that is good looking doesn`t have to be an expensive one .like a lamborgini or a ferrari or even better but an old ford mustang shelpy 1976 will be awesome .or maby a muscled car that have a big engine and roars hard and a shelby need to buy parts from the company if they still make it or get it from workshops around the world and i think mostly they still manufacture the parts for the old shelby or even any dodge or trans m ride.

Monday, June 10, 2013

wow hi again am wondering about how can anyone make money from a blog i guess its an easy way for making a living if it pays off but i was fourtionate enough to found john chow  wabsite and i was overwelmed about the ideas and what he have to say about making money blogging he knows everything i hope you give yourself the time for going through his website 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

hi its m again am just studying for my midterm exam in automatic control i think that automatic control not i think .automatic control is very essential in allot of applications specially in car design as automatic control is based upon Laplace transformation and block diagram that is far that i know in this term this course ,automatic control and i mean Laplace transform means turning any mechanical equation into an algebraic equation and the block diagram means how to turn a system of input and output and transform system in an algebraic equation and there are some complex mechanical systems out there as automatic control is important in making cars as the movement of a car depends on the flow of motion and the friction of air with the cars and how the tires are moving on the asphalt with different speeds and not only cars but and machine needs an mechanical equation clarification to be transom into algebraic equation 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

its my third time to blog in my blogger blog ..actually i have nothing to say but i thing that Egypt got a future in the car industry as we are moving forward in the in the manufacturing area .we need to know how are the parts of a car building are made starting from the engine the most difficult part in a car ,actually we most know all the parts are made from and start building and constructing parts and it is not a shame to know how these parts are made , i mean the know how

Friday, May 31, 2013

wow cars is my life man i adore cars and i love to make money from i like cars in general will am an engineer student espishalyzd in mechanics cars is a big world acknowledgment, find your car that you dream about and start fantasizing about it its a big world if you love it know exactly what you love about it and start hunting for your dreams be the greatest in your area or just do it all and you know it is car sales mechanics racing building in a factory