Wednesday, August 22, 2018

ورشة الحصرى

تصليح السيارات حاجه يعنى مهمه اوى و دايما تلاقى حد و انت فى الشارع عربيته عطلانه و قاعد يعيط جمبها يا اما تكون فوق كوبرى او شارع زحمه او فى حته فى الصحرا و محدش عايز يساعدك خايف منك
اما انا عايز اعرفكو حاجات كتير عن تصليح السيارات من خلال الورشه بتاعتى المتواضعه

Monday, July 16, 2018

cars are my true passion and i love to share with you what i know about cars like taking pictures of cars modified cars ,auto cross cars ...any way i love my subaru 

Friday, July 6, 2018

اهلا و سهلا بالناس الحلوه دى انا فرحان انى هاعمل موقع هيفيد ناس كتير و يبقى ممتع ليا و ليكو و ممكن يبقى ليه اثر فى دراسه انا هعملها عن صناعة السيارات من الكاوتش للموتور زائد انى هاحط العاب و صور كتير قوى اتمنى انى انا اصورها غير كدا هيبقى فى صور على الموقع عن تصليح السيارات من الورشه بتاعتى و فيدوهات

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

this is so cool to be involved in car world and be able to think and make changes my name is amr and am happy to make your world better by telling you some advice about my car world i know am gonna take pictures videos and maby some conferences and tell you about my success story 

in fixing cars

Saturday, June 16, 2018

my workshop

 amazingly car world is a big and huge area that i really love so much and modification too i need to put some photos but i still did not have although i have my camera and i have to go to events like autocross and kenblock and so but right know i have a workshop that i fix cars and am hoping to get an electric person

Sunday, June 10, 2018

hi guys am happy to see you working hard i luv cars that is my thing in adittion to other stuff like car games and modification i have a workshop of car repair i fix cars and that is my first project i was hopping that i can think about car manufacturing as it is something we hope for in egypt it will starts by thinking about car parts it need calculations lots of the and real didication about engine an engine is the impportant part the block to be persiced the block is made of a mold that contain aluminum and carbon and iron and othe materials of course we need to test the block for yield and tortion and high tempreture am not just saying that am saying a i have a degree in mechanical engineering and am a egyptian as you know egypt now is going big towrad industrial world the pharos 
the engine block it will take lots of research
i need to work on this blog hardly so i can organize it better by putting some data on car games car pictures latest models and how cars are built and am gonna put some software and couple of ads and books and emails will be sent to you for the latest stuff